Pre World War II German Bonds
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Various issues...with and without coupons. Authenticity is verified. These bonds are open for bids. Email us at for more information.

These bonds commenced selling in 1926 backed by gold. The purpose for selling these bonds was to raise money for the German Government to bolster their particular for mining and steel manufacturing.

If you wish to sell bonds of your own, or anything else for that matter, place an ad in the HardDrive City Classified Ads. This is a free service.

Here is a listing of bonds currently available:
25 Young
19 Brandenberg
20 Rhine Westphalia
13 Rhine Westphalia 7%
8 Electric Power
2 German Provincial Bank
1 Free State of Bavaria
9 US Steel Works
1 Electric Power
1 Ruhr
9 United Industrial
104 Rhinelbe
212 Total Bonds
For further information contact:
James R. Winfree
Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-291-1641
Fax: 503-292-5702


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